• Nicole Riesenberger

    Nicole Riesenberger

    #UX Researcher at Huge.

  • yy.y


    B.A in Sociology. A graduate student in the field of Architectural History & Cultural Heritage studies. 充滿跨領域研究興趣的阿宅。此處拿來收納非正式的讀書筆記和收藏文章,若要轉載請先留言詢問。

  • Caroline Nye Stevens

    Caroline Nye Stevens

    Architectural storyteller, Urban Explorer, Public Human.

  • Kelly McGilvery

    Kelly McGilvery

    culture hustler. toledo booster. community builder.

  • Janet E Davis

    Janet E Davis

    Artist, art & design historian; public heritage on web; loves gaining knowledge, organising info; enjoys making new websites; volunteer with Ouseburn Trust.

  • Shirin Adhami

    Shirin Adhami

  • Jon Christensen

    Jon Christensen

    Teaches at UCLA, is a partner at Stamen Design, and edits LENS Magazine at lensmagazine.org.

  • Emma Berry

    Emma Berry

    Twitter makes me uncomfortable.

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